Stone & Beyond

From mining, to the end product packaging solutions, we aim to provide hand crafted solutions for all needs of our customer. Beside our core business, with our joint ventures, we serve in various areas; Marble Quarry, Luxury Natural stone and Porcelain Products, Packing solutions against humidity damages, Product inspection services, Porcelain and Ceramic supply materials.

Stone & Porcelain Products

Browse the finest products of waterjet porcelain and natural stone mosaic, wall art and custom mosaics

Stone & Porcelain line
Desiccants & Moisture adsorbers

Explore the latest desiccant product range to protect your valuble goods against moisture and humidity damage.

Son teknololi ile geiştirilen nem alıcı ve rutubet önleyici paketlerimiz ile değerli ürünlerinizi nem ve rutubet hasarlarından koruyun.

Desiccant line / Nem alıcılar [TR]
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